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The most important applications of measuring air quality

 Air quality measurement applications contribute to measuring the percentage of pollution in the city in which you live and provide tips to protect your health from its effects.

The most important applications of measuring air quality

Top 7 apps to measure air quality

Today, most people live in cities filled with polluted air with toxic gases that cause serious diseases and health problems, such as stroke, lung cancer, asthma, and others. What we must think about today is how we know that the air around us is polluted and what is the percentage of pollution. In addition to tips to help us maintain our health in this atmosphere. This information can be found in mobile applications developed by experts to measure air quality. 

The most important applications of measuring air quality

Air quality measurement applications have many added features, the most prominent of which are:

QAir AirVisual

In real-time, the QAir Visual app provides up-to-date air quality levels in 80 countries and more than 10,000 cities, and shares health recommendations when air pollution levels are high such as closing windows or wearing a mask when outside.

The application uses color and illustrated maps, which makes it attractive and easy to understand for users. The app provides forecasts of air pollution and weather for 7 days. The app is ad-free and works on Android and iOS devices.

Plume Labs

BloomLabs displays detailed information and comprehensive maps showing pollution levels in 60 different countries around the world. It checks air quality hourly, as levels often change throughout the day, by checking with 12,000 environmental monitoring stations from local and government agencies. The app also looks at data related to factors such as time, weather conditions, human activities, etc., to produce more accurate forecasts, and sends notifications when air quality levels worsen. Devices running iOS and Android can access the app.

Shoot I smoke

Shot I Smoke is another application for measuring air quality, with an easy-to-use interface, and it features the measurement of pollution by making it equivalent to the number of cigarettes smoked, and the amount that causes death. The application contains a map on which the percentage of air quality is shown in real-time. The app is cute, accurate, and fun, and it works on both Android and iOS devices.

Air Matters

The Air Matters app monitors air quality in 50 countries and 3,000 cities around the world, drawing on data from more than 11,000 weather monitoring agencies, and updates it nearly every hour. This application also provides alerts about the level of pollution and keeps users up to date with many other information such as temperature, humidity level, wind speed, and others. Devices running iOS and Android can access the app.

The application's interface is easy to use and displays result in a colorful, easy-to-understand manner. This application integrates with the smart home air purifier and measures the air quality in the home.


The Prismometer application provides data from 7,000 real-time air quality measurement stations at a specific location easily and in an understandable manner. Smartphones running iOS and Android can use the app.


Air Care provides information on the UV index, fire alerts, pollution data, as well as air quality, and has the advantage of sharing data and updates with friends on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. The application also includes information, charts, and maps suitable for children. In addition, the app provides heat maps, graphs, engaging visuals, and helpful guidance when the air quality worsens. Among the features of the application is that it includes a tracker that monitors allergens such as tree pollen and grass, and it is available on Android and iOS devices. It can be connected to the Apple Watch.


Developed by doctors and asthmatics, the Air Live app provides users with real-time data about air pollution and location, with customized and useful health tips and suggestions for each user based on information such as age, smoking, exercise, respiratory problems, transportation, and includes a map that helps users find the best areas of fresh air in the city.

The application also features the ability to chat with experts or join the application team. For these reasons, the application is more useful than others because it provides health advice from experts, and it is available on Android and ios devices.