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The most influential technology event in the world in 2023

After two difficult years marked by the pandemic, the world's largest technology and consumer electronics exhibition is back again in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The most influential technology event in the world in 2023

Technology event in the world in 2023

More than 100,000 people participated in the exhibition from 5 to 8 January 2023, and the products of 2,200 companies were displayed. These products are the latest consumer electronics.

Among the participating companies, we find big names such as Samsung, Apple, Google, LG, Sony, and Amazon, in addition to a large number of startups. Attendees were able to try new products before they were released to the market and also got a chance to network with technology industry experts and get their thoughts and expectations.

Here is an overview of the most important activities, events, and products that were presented at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2023.

Standardization of device connectivity

The number of Internet of Things devices is increasing dramatically, and soon all homes will have these devices, but consumers always face the same problem, which is that the devices are in many cases incompatible and cannot be connected to each other.

Sponsored by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), hundreds of companies have collaborated to create a new standard for connecting smart home devices. Dubbed Matter, this new standard means you can buy any new smart device and connect it with other devices in your home, regardless of the manufacturer or country of origin.

Environmentally friendly technology

With increasing awareness of climate change, more people are looking for ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Therefore, some companies showcased their latest environmentally friendly devices at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2023.

One of the most remarkable products displayed was LG refrigerators that use solar energy, which contributes to reducing electricity consumption and thus helping to reduce carbon emissions. The company also displayed a range of washing machines that use less water and energy, in addition to ovens that feature smart technology that can determine the cooking time of food and automatically turn off the heat.

Samsung also showcased a number of environmentally friendly appliances. New air conditioners are designed to be more energy efficient and provide more effective cooling. A range of dishwashers that use less water and energy was also on display, in addition to a new range of washing machines that feature a smart sensor that adjusts the cleaning time depending on the amount of laundry.

The exhibition was also an opportunity for many startups to showcase their environmentally friendly products, including EcoSmarte, which showcased its range of water filtration systems designed to reduce water waste and save energy, while another company, GreenTech Solutions, showcased solar-powered air conditioners and heaters.

Self-driving car racing

The Indy Autonomous Challenge is one of the most important events of the show, with the world's best self-driving car developers competing in the race. This year's show was great for showing what modern cars can achieve when equipped with AI-powered sensors and software.

Italian team PoliMOVE won the race after achieving a top speed of 180 mph, a new world record for a self-driving car on a racetrack.

Modern cars

An electric pickup truck will go on sale next year, and it was shown on stage in Las Vegas. It is the Ram 1500 Revolution, an electric car developed by the American brand, Ram.

The most influential technology event in the world in 2023

The German company BMW revealed the I Vision Dee, a four-door sedan that appeared on stage in a bright white color, but its color changed to a variety of colors and patterns.

The most influential technology event in the world in 2023

The German car company, Volkswagen, also revealed its latest electric car, the ID 7, with a range of about 500 km on a single charge, making it one of the best electric cars available today. Not only that, the car is equipped with electric paint that lights up when driving.

The most influential technology event in the world in 2023

In-car technology

Owners of cars that support Amazon Alexa's voice assistant can now ask Alexa for the nearest place to charge their electric vehicle.

Google unveiled Google HD, a higher-resolution version of Maps, and introduced new features in Android Auto. These features will make it easier for drivers to navigate, play podcasts and music, and communicate while driving, and the design features a split screen to display the map, music, and text at the same time.

Holoride, supported by the German company Audi, launched a device that allows the use of virtual reality technology in any car. Stellantis has launched a tool called Mobilisights dedicated to converting all the data collected from vehicle sensors into useful data that can be sold and monetized. 

flying cars

The display of flying cars at the exhibition was greeted with enthusiasm by all attendees. Many believe that these cars could revolutionize the way we get around, especially when combined with self-driving car technology.

The most influential technology event in the world in 2023

ASKA showcased the ASKA A5, a four-seater, the size of a large SUV, which is an all-electric car that can road or fly 400 km on a single charge at a cruising speed of up to 250 km per hour.

When flight mode is activated, the car's wings appear, giving it the ability to take off vertically or in the traditional manner on the runway.

Disney Virtual Assistant

At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2023, a new friend of Alexa appeared, it is the Disney voice assistant that can be integrated with all smart speakers and screens manufactured by Amazon, that is, it is an alternative to Alexa in Amazon devices.

This assistant does exactly the same tasks as Alexa, and it also provides some entertainment by asking to listen to stories or play games.

It can be called "Hey Disney", and the cool thing is that you never know who is going to respond to you, maybe Olaf from Frozen, or Nemo from Finding Nemo.

Amazon drone camera

Amazon unveiled its latest innovation in the field of home security, Amazon's flying indoor security camera. This camera is designed to give homeowners an unprecedented level of security and peace of mind.

The camera is a small and lightweight drone that can fly easily inside the house or building, and it contains an advanced motion sensing system that can detect any movement and alert its owner via a smartphone. The camera also includes a built-in night vision mode, which allows for clear pictures to be captured even in low-light conditions.

The camera is equipped with a powerful artificial intelligence system that can recognize faces and objects and can distinguish between humans and animals, and it has an advanced facial recognition feature that can recognize individuals and alert the user if a stranger enters.

Samsung Smart Things Station

The Samsung SmartThings Station is a revolutionary new product from Samsung that allows users to control their home from a single central device. It is an all-in-one device that connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows you to control and monitor your home. You can control lights, locks, thermostats, cameras, and more with just a few taps on your smartphone.

The device is designed to be easy to use and set up, and it comes with a simple user interface that makes it easy to connect devices to it. You can also customize the settings for each home device.

The device also has a built-in speaker so you can listen to music or issue voice commands throughout your home.

It also includes a variety of sensors that allow the detection of motion, temperature, humidity, light levels, and more, enabling the creation of automated actions such as turning on the lights when someone enters a room or turning off the air conditioner when no one is home. You can also receive notifications if something unexpected happens like a door is opened or a device is left on for a long time.