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The best Wearable mini Air conditioner to keep cool

It can lower the body temperature by 13 degrees Celsius on hot days, and raise it by 8 degrees on cold days, and it connects to a mobile application to control its settings.

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The summer season has come to begin our journey of moving from one room to another in search of refreshment and air conditioning, and an escape from the high heat. But what if we could maintain a lower body temperature wherever we go and through our clothes?

Sony portable air conditioner

This "if" has become a reality today, with the release of Sony's Reon Pocket; It is a wearable air conditioner about the size of a bank card that uses Bluetooth technology and thermoelectric cooling. This device can be placed in a pocket within a special shirt so that it is located at the top of the back and at the bottom of the neck. It can also be linked to an application on your mobile phone and control its settings manually, or set to automatic mode to perform the cooling process in the summer or heating in the winter, depending on what the sensors equipped with it picks up. From a person's movement and temperature.

According to tests conducted by Sony, the Ryon Pocket can lower body temperature by 13°C on hot days. And on cold days, it can raise your temperature by about 8 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the device can work with Android and iOS systems for a period ranging between 2-4 hours on battery, after which it needs to be charged for two hours. It is also light in weight (85 grams) so that the user does not feel its presence.

Sony Reon pocket mechanism

The working principle of the new device is based on what is known as the Peltier effect, a phenomenon discovered by the French scientist Jean-Charles Peltier in 1834; He noticed that when a continuous electric current is passed through the link of two different metal wires, the temperature of the link decreases or rises according to the direction of the current in it. If a continuous electric current passes through an electrical circuit consisting of two connections of two different wires, then one of the connections cools and the other heats up. Thus, we get a device that enables both cooling and heating.

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It remains to be mentioned that the price of the wearable air conditioner is 100$ at the Sony store in Japan. Are you ready to buy coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter for this amount?