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What do you know about electric bikes?

The future of transportation seems to be heading towards bicycles in general.

What do you know about electric bikes?

 Electric bicycles are widespread in Asian and European countries. In the Netherlands, bicycles are an essential part of people's daily lives, but in the United States, their use is prohibited in some states, most notably New York. An electric bike is a regular bike to which some electrical components have been added, such as the motor, battery, and controller, all of which are seamlessly integrated into its design.

Critical situation

Some people consider the situation of electric bikes "critical", as they are too fast for the bike lane, too slow for the motorway, and not suitable for walking on sidewalks. But are electric bikes really different from regular bikes?

Electric bikes are about two or three miles per hour (3.2 or 4.8 km/h) faster than regular bikes, but some types are slower due to their heavier weight. Electric bikes give you some extra help while you are riding especially on hills. Electric bicycles are preferred by a certain group of people; Such as the elderly or people with disabilities, or people who fear long distances, or suffer from obstacles in moving in rugged or high areas such as hills. 

Electric bikes are much cheaper than cars. A good electric bike costs $2,000 while owning and maintaining a car costs more than $8,000 annually. Also, the electric bike is a great way to go to work, as it is distinguished by its elegant shape, and you will not make any effort to drive it.

Existing challenges

But for electric bikes to spread, we will need infrastructure, such as dedicated bike lanes, parking, and charging stations; Therefore, some countries pay attention to infrastructure, because it increases the rate of cycling, but this interest does not happen as quickly as some advocates of using bicycles want, as the matter needs regulated legislation.

It seems that the future of transportation deserves to go towards bicycles in general, as there are about a million Americans who go to work by regular bicycle, and about half of the bicycles sold in Germany are electric bicycles. Almost one million electric bicycles were sold in Germany last year. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is also trying to encourage residents to ride electric bikes. Would you like to try it?