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What is the use of IoT in smart water management - water agency
What is the use of IoT in smart water management? The ultramodern world is facing unknown challenges in terms of water failure, pollution, a...
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The latest autonomous Vehicle design resource for Engineers
Autonomous Vehicle Design for Engineers The automotive assiduity is entering a new period of invention, driven by the rapid-fire development...
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How will the iPhone 17 be equipped with a recycled battery?
Apple will start using 100% recycled cobalt for its batteries in 2025. Here's why automakers won't do the same sooner. My phone has ...
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How can the crisis of electric vehicle chargers be solved?
electric vehicles will likely reach two-thirds of new car sales in the US by 2032, and we'll need millions of new chargers to power them...
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The best Wearable mini Air conditioner to keep cool
It can lower the body temperature by 13 degrees Celsius on hot days, and raise it by 8 degrees on cold days, and it connects to a mobile app...
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Method of generating electricity from biomass
In searching for alternative, renewable, and environmentally friendly energy sources, researchers have found a way to use bacteria to genera...
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How can we conserve water in our community?
What are ways to save water? Water is the secret of life on this planet, and the main axis for the continuation of human, animal, and plant ...
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