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How can we conserve water in our community?

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What are ways to save water?

Water is the secret of life on this planet, and the main axis for the continuation of human, animal, and plant life. It constitutes more than three-quarters of the globe, but its drinkable quantity is minimal because most of it is found in the form of salty water bodies such as seas and oceans. As for freshwater, it is usually found in springs in the form of groundwater and in some rivers.

Therefore, as individuals residing on the surface of this planet, we must preserve this blessing and need to follow simple steps that help us rationalize water consumption, in order to maintain it first from depletion and loss, and avoid increasing the decline of vegetation cover and the spread of desertification in many regions around the world secondly.

The desired goals of rationalizing water consumption

Campaigns and initiatives that seek to inform individuals of the need to rationalize water consumption aim to direct them to know the most important methods and measures that must be practiced to help conserve water and reduce the value of the household consumption bill incurred by the individual on a monthly basis.

Ways to rationalize water consumption per person

Every person living on this planet must know the most important ways to rationalize water consumption, according to which will help preserve this important source in all of our lives, the most important of which is the need to open the water tap when it is needed only, and not leave it open after it is finished, and make sure that it is closed well so that no water leakage occurs without attention.

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In addition to the necessity of installing pieces that help save water consumption, and repairing faucets and pipes in the event of their breakdown or any leakage immediately. In addition to the need to take advantage of the water for washing vegetables and fruits, or even ablution, in watering vegetables and fruits that can be grown in the home or even the outdoor garden.

In addition to the use of traditional methods of cleaning cars, domestic animals, and carpets through a container rather than a hose, not throwing waste and waste into public water, and teaching children the etiquette of water consumption and holding them accountable when they waste it.

Ways to rationalize water consumption in the Community

As for society, it must intensify efforts to develop traditional and non-traditional sources of water conservation, conduct the necessary research to reduce the costs of water desalination, rationalize the consumption of water used for various purposes, improve the efficiency of its distribution, and encourage the introduction of advanced and modern irrigation techniques.

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In addition to the need to build giant dams and reservoirs that help collect water and store it for later use, especially in the summer and spring, and spread awareness among people and introduce them continuously to ways to rationalize consumption and always remind them of the importance of preserving nature and environment resources, through the media and holding courses and workshops And community initiatives, distribution of leaflets and many other ways.

In addition to the need to search for alternative ways such as desalinating sea water and benefiting from it, treating wastewater to make it usable in several areas such as agriculture and industry, building artesian wells that help collect water when it rains, and developing laws to protect water from pollution and fining anyone who causes harm. in its pollution and depletion.

Consequences of wasteful water consumption

There are many consequences that result from not rationalizing water consumption and wasting it, including exposure to a noticeable shortage of water resources, especially for countries that do not have a source of water, exposure to drought, the spread of many diseases among all segments of society, neglect of hygiene in accordance with all standards and regulations, and the exposure of fish and marine organisms to deficiency and perish.

So, water is the spirit of nature and its essential element, a source of livelihood for man in his need for drinking and cleaning, a means of transportation and entertainment, and the livelihood of various types of animals and plants. As well as beautifying nature and making it green, charming, and refreshing.